Let's be realistic.  I'll do my best to finish your house portrait when you need it, but since I'm a busy mom
(maybe like you), I can sometimes only carve out about three hours a day to work on house
So it may take me up to two months.  If there are several ahead of yours, reserve a spot
& at least have me take the pictures at the best time of year so we will be ready.
How to Order
1.  It starts with good photos. If you live Charlotte, NC, I can come take them for you, preferably in the early
morning and late afternoon, when shadows are more dramatic. Then I'll compare which ones bring out the
details of your house better. If you live somewhere else, you can email me photos. Make sure that you incluse
closeups of interesting details that you want included, and don't underestimate the beautiful nature around
your place.
2.  Tell me what color paper you'd like: pure white or off-white. It will be on good quality, heavy-weight paper.
3.  Let me know what size frame you will need it to fit (inside the mat).
4.  I use black, archive-quality, permanent ink.
5.  You will receive your portrait unframed, and a digital copy. I can help you order notecards or stationery if
you desire.

Here's how I charge. These are common sizes, but I can be very flexible. Please contact me for prices.

A typical 11" x 14" house portrait for a 16" x 20" frame is $557.  
A larger 18" x 24" is $937.  
A 10" x 16" or 9" x 18" is $567.  
An 8" x 8" square portrait is
Custom Just-the-Entrance portraits are $135.

If you are local, I will need a deposit of one third up front ($
186, $312, $189 or $120), and the balance
upon delivery.  

Internet orders will need to be paid in full up front.  
Please see my Etsy shop at

I will do my very best for you.  I'm confident that you will be pleased.  I
do appreciate your
recommendations.  I hope we will have a very pleasant working relationship.

Other than house portraits, if you want some smaller (or larger) project done, I charge $15 an
for drawing time.  How's that?
Email me:

or order from my Etsy shop at