Many things.  I'm the daughter and grand-daughter of an architect.  I'm a flute player,
a clog dancer, and I like to sew and cross-stitch.  I was Homestay Coodinator for ELS at
Queens University in Charlotte for six years.  I've taught 5,000 foreign students and married
the sweetest one.  I'm a daughter-in-law to a Taiwanese family, a busy carpooling mom,
and we've hosted 35 students in
our home.  I worked in Jordan
in an ad agency, opened our own
interior design company with a
designer in Taipei, painted murals,
and created large mosaics.  
I helped design and open our own
creative restaurant, doing all the
decor, ads & signs for four years.  I
designed this and another website.
I love mallard ducks and lakes.
I speak Chinese and Arabic, and
love God and His handiwork.  
My life has taken me in many
directions, but underneath it all,

I am an artist.  Julie Rosemary
Right before we were married, I started up the business again in
Phoenix, Arizona, where the landscapes were totally different!  I did
houses, country estates/farms, and a Bed & Breakfast.  Then we moved
to Taiwan.
        It seems I come back to drawing House Portraits every 15 years.  
Now we are in beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina, where the houses
are breathtaking!  Fifteen years is up.  I've started again.  I love doing
If I am to draw your house, you should feel
comfortable with the artist.  So who am I?
I started pen & ink house portraits in St. Petersburg, Florida, drawing the house of
my high school math teacher.  She loved it and offered me the front window of her
gift shop to display it in.  About ten customers followed.  I did houses, a yacht, and
some watercolors.  Then, I moved to Jordan.