2011-16  Charlotte, NC
Carolina Bed & Breakfast in Asheville, NC
Happy delivery day
So, is your house next?
2014 Weddington, NC  
18" x 24"   60 hours drawing time
14" x 24"    53 hours drawing time   Husband's birthday present
Hidden in this portrait,
at the owners' request, is a squirrel, tree swing, golf tee, owl, owl
nesting box, and featured, of course, the beloved family dogs.
The owner of the Weddington house writes:
"A truly wonderful experience!  Julie is very professional,
considerate and an extremely caring artist that took into
consideration all of our hopes and dreams!  We have a
portrait to pass down through generations!"
2015 Myers Park,
Charlotte, NC  
"Attention to detail is excellent!
I know my parents will be thrilled on
Christmas Day!"
10" x 16"    47 hours drawing time.
   Present from son to parents.
2016 Dilworth,
Charlotte, NC  
8" x 8"  Paper Anniversary present from parents       
20 hours drawing time